The Language of Value (Book)

20th European Conference on Knowledge Management
Universidade Europeia de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)
“Value-added Knowledge Management: Whose Value Anyway?” (Conference Paper)

University of Bath (UK), School of Management
Empirical Framework for Evaluating, Implementing and Managing a Value-based Supply Chain Strategy. (PhD dissertation: ProQuest publication number 3121355)

12th Annual IPSERA Conference
Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration
“On the importance of being valuable: PSM and value stream alignment.” (Conference Paper)

11th Annual IPSERA Conference
University of Twente (Enschede, Netherlands)
“Defining value and managing the value gap: A Supply chain management perspective.”
(Conference Paper)

Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies (CAPS Research) and McKinsey & Company E-Commerce Exchanges: Making informed decisions / applying best practices.
(Research Whitepaper)

Journal of Supply Chain Management (Volume 36 Issue 4 December)
“The Future of Purchasing and Supply: A Ten-Year Forecast” (Article)

CAPS Research and McKinsey & Company Coming Into Focus: Using the lens of economic value to clarify the impact of e-marketplaces
(Research Whitepaper)

CAPS Research, National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM) and AT Kearney
The Future of Purchasing and Supply. (Research Report)

Bank Management (Number 71 September/October)
‘Focus on consumer ‘hot buttons” (Article)