Business Value: Lessons from Zen Masters

Zen teachings offer us important business lessons. One is not to confuse the “messenger” (indicator) with the “message” (target). Another is holding opposing views in our mind simultaneously. Both are highly relevant for understanding business value and managing value holistically in today’s competitive landscape . A company makes decisions (its value strategy) to deliver products / services (its value proposition) by performing relevant work (its value-added production). Since these three areas are inter-related, an integrative value management process is required. The Integrated Value Process (IVP) framework will help your company integrate and coordinate its value conceptualization, configuration and implementation activities. Become a Zen value master! Read More

Blockchain: Hunting its elusive (illusory) value

Confusion / hype characterize most discussions of Blockchain (BC) technology. BC’s use of ‘chain’ is misleading: BCs are NOT value chains. Marketing spin prevents finding BC’s true value. Use Integrated Value Process (IVP) framework to distinguish reality from fiction.
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